Whatever way we look at it, Food is central to all our lives and should be celebrated for the wonderful opportunities and experiences it presents throughout life. We can’t help but be captivated by the fabulous food imagery that abounds in the media and no wonder so many of us have taken to our kitchens to follow the lead of Nigella, Jamie and Nadiya!

There are so many reasons for us to take control of what we eat and ensure we make positive decisions about the safety and quality of our food. Building a fabulous understanding of food and cooking is the best way of keeping our bodies healthy and ensuring we continue to celebrate what we are eating! For many students this is a celebration in itself, whilst for many others it will be an introduction to the abundance of courses and careers that lie beyond GCSE, whether it be in catering, nutrition, food science or manufacture.

Our GCSE and Nutrition and Level 3 Food courses offer an exciting and creative pathway which focuses on practical cooking skills to ensure students develop a thorough understanding of nutrition, food provenance and the working characteristics of ingredients. At their heart, these qualifications focus on nurturing students’ practical cookery skills and their application to give them a strong understanding of food and nutrition for different life stages and situations


This course introduces an exciting option for students with an interest in fashion as well as how fabrics and textiles are used to enhance the world around us. Whether your passion lies in creative and precise practical work, designing and constructing or wider issues such as sustainability and fast fashion there is something to excite everyone!

Exploring a wide range of traditional and contemporary influences as well as relevant aspects of the industry and its key designers, students use their imagination and creativity to create prototypes that respond to real and relevant needs. Students also investigate social, environmental and economic influences whilst enjoying opportunities to design and create products influenced by your own tastes and interests.

Our GCSE and A Level courses offer a dynamic and inspired pathway which focuses on appreciating the relationship between consumers and the clothes/items we use in everyday life, where they come from, how they have been made as well as wider impacts to themselves and others.

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