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Garforth Academy is part of the Garforth Extended Services Cluster programme that works in conjunction with other schools and academies.  Extended Services can provide support to:

  • Access to specialist services
  • Wider community access to academy facilities
  • Counselling                          
  • Parenting support
  • Out of school activities 


Our Extended Services staff include a Family Support Worker whose role is to offer practical help and advice to families in the area. The work has included:

  • Help with housing and benefit entitlement
  • Helping to access specialist services
  • Helping with difficulties within the home
  • Access to online parenting programmes
  • Supporting students emotional wellbeing

In addition, the team works with Northpoint Wellbeing to provide a qualified counselling service in partnership with the academy pastoral staff. The support team is enhanced by the work of two volunteer mentors who will see students referred by the pastoral team.

To download a leaflet which provides more information on the Cluster and the Family Support team, please click the link at the bottom of the page.


As an academy, we aim to make our facilities available to as many organisations as possible. We aim to As an academy, we aim to make our sporting facilities available to as many organisations as possible. Footballers, Garforth Rangers, Garforth Villa and sports including netball are all currently using our sports halls and all weather pitches outside the academy day. Anyone wishing to enquire about using our facilities should download our guidelines and prices below. please see below for a copy of the lettings policy


The academy has a wide range of after school activities which are delivered as the Garforth After School Programme (GASP!)  The intention is that all our after school activities are listed in one place so parents/carers and students are able to see what activities are available each day.  The programme changes each term.  Most of the activities are free and usually run until 3.30pm, longer for some of the sports activities.  Some examples of after school activities include:

  • Sports Clubs
  • Homework Club – every day after school
  • Music Clubs
  • Snack and Chat – every day before and after school in the dining hall.

Outside term-time, the Extended Services Team deliver / support a summer holiday programme.  The holiday programme aims to provide value for money activities that are enjoyable while encouraging our students to make new friends (or come along with their old ones!). See Summer Holiday Programme on drop down menu. 


We know that bringing up children can sometimes feel like a challenge and that there are times when everyone needs some extra help and support. We are able to offer confidential support through our family support team as well as access to online parenting programmes looking in detail at the problems facing parents of 5-18 year olds.

Young People’s Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health

All children and young people experience anger, anxiety and other difficult feelings as a part of growing up. However when these feelings start to get in the way of everyday life, it might be time to think about getting some support.

Mindmate website,

Lots of useful information and links to relevant services for parent/carer and young people

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