Key Stage 3

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In Years 7 – 9   students access a wide range of subjects across the curriculum. A heavy focus on the core subjects complemented by a variety of other subjects enables students to develop a number of key skills and maintain curriculum breadth.

LessonHours Per Week 7 & 8Hours Per Week 9
Modern Foreign Language*22
Art***1 (for 2 Terms)1 (for 2 Terms)
Drama***1 (for 2 Terms)1 (for 2 Terms)
Music***1 (for 2 Terms)1 (for 2 Terms)
Design Technology11
Textiles/Food Technology**11

*Either French or Spanish depending on side of year.

** Rotate every half term

*** Performing Arts carousel

Click the link to see the latest Delta KS3 assessments taken by Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 pupils.

Use the marked assessment papers returned to pupils to identify the questions answered incorrectly or not attempted, and then refer to the relevant mark scheme to find the correct answer and understand where you may have gone wrong, or what you needed to do to answer correctly. Using this approach is a good way to address any gaps in your knowledge, skills and understanding