Head of Department: Mr. P. Donlon

The ICT/computing department aims to prepare students for the ever changing world of industry and technology. Students are taught a blend of ICT and Computing, where they will not only learn how to use programmes, but also how to make them.

Students get the chance to learn with industry leading software and the latest technological innovations in a supportive environment. Our hope is to develop learners that not only use technology but understand how this impacts upon their lives and the responsibility that they have.

KS3 Units of Study

Year 7

Students study a mix of both ICT and computing to give them a broad overview of the subject. Students will study the following topics:

- Word processing

- Graphics

- Spreadsheet modelling

- Kodu

- Presenting information

- Scratch

- E-Safety

Year 8

- Python Programming

- Website Design

- MyPhone - Theory Unit

- Databases

- E-Safety

- eBusiness

- Spreadsheet modelling

KS3 Assessment

Students are assessed at the end of each mini topic using the skills that they have developed throughout the scheme.

KS4 Study

Qualification: GCSE Computing

Core/Option: Option

Units and weighting:

Unit 1 – Computer Systems 40% (Examination)

Unit 2 – Computational Thinking 40% (Examination)

Unit 3 – Programming 20% (Controlled Assessment)


Qualification: Vocational ICT

Core/Option: Option

Units and weighting:

Unit 1 – Understand Computer Systems 25% (Examination)

Unit 2 – Using ICT to Create Business Solutions 25% (Controlled Assessment)

Unit 3 – Handling Data & Spreadsheets 25% (Controlled Assessment)

Unit 4 – Creative Multimedia 25% (Controlled Assessment)

Units of Study

GCSE Computing


Unit 1 – Computer Systems

The first component is an exam focused on computer systems covering the physical elements of computer science and the associated theory.

Unit 2 – Computational Thinking

This component is focused on the core theory of computer science and the application of computer science principles.

Unit 3 – Programming

This component is the non-exam assessment where candidates will be challenged by a range of exciting and engaging tasks to apply the knowledge and skills they have.


Vocational ICT


Unit 1 – Understand Computer Systems

Students will study the computer system on which applications software sits and consider the implications of working with data to create content.


Unit 2 – Using ICT to Create Business Solutions

Students will work with Office applications software to edit and format/create content to meet specified business purposes


Unit 3 – Handling Data & Spreadsheets

This unit will help students to process and present data into meaningful information that can be used to support the decision-making process in real life scenarios.


Unit 4 – Creative Multimedia

This unit will enable students to demonstrate their creative flair by combining multimedia components to create a vibrant, energetic or stimulating webpage or interactive product.


- Help and catchup sessions are available every afternoon of the week.

- Afternoon revision programs in the run up to exams.

- Trips and visits are arranged in line with the exam specification.