World Book Day

2nd March 2017

It’s the 2nd March and its World Book Day! It’s the celebration of everything bookish, with characters we love, to characters we love to hate, celebrated in schools across the country.  We all have a favourite story whether it be a classic childhood favourite like Harry Potter or a more mature choice like War and Peace. Why not bond over books and spend a couple of minutes today thinking about your favourite character from a book then share the story with your child and the reasons why you love it so much?


The English department decided to embrace the day again this year and make it bigger than last with competitions and dressing up. Our staff have made a massive effort and gone all out with hand-made costumes and characters that match with texts our students are studying. We also have a two of our Department favourite books represented: See if you can spot which characters our staff are dressing up as, but don’t look too far down the rabbit hole…