Behaviour rewards

‘Good Comments’ are noted by staff in the Weekly Planner section.  A  Good Comment will be given in Years 7–11 if a student fulfils any of the following criteria: 

Effort                                 -     Outstanding effort in Class work/Homework

Academic Achievement       -     Quality of Work

Test Result

Practical Skills

Oral Response

 Improvement                  -        Academically



Extra Curricular Activities

Helping others/Citizenship

Awards are given at the discretion of the Year Group Pastoral Leader for the collection of good comments:  For Year 7 these are set at :-

100 - Bronze certificate and letter from Form Tutor

150 - Silver certificate and letter from Pastoral Leader.

200 - Gold certificate, letter from Principal and an enamel tie-pin

250 - Platinum certificate and letter from Principal

300 - Diamond certificate and letter from Principal

350 - Pearl Certificate and letter from Principal