Whilst at the Academy you will soon become aware that your attendance and punctuality to the Academy will be monitored on a regular basis as the higher the attendance the more likely you are going to achieve the grades later on that you are capable of. Our target is for each student to aim to reach 96% attendance or above each year.

It is important that if you are worried about anything that may affect your attendance that you let your Form Tutor or Pastoral Leader know straight away so we can help you.

Below is some useful information that you must read so you know the guidance and rules set about your Academy attendance: 

  • You must be in your form room before 8.25am.  Students arriving at any time after 8.25am must sign in at Reception immediately upon arrival and will receive a late mark.
  • If you are absent from the Academy your parent or guardian should telephone the Academy Attendance Line (0113 212 7128) on the first day of absence between 8.00 and 10.00 am to explain your absence.
  • After an absence from the Academy, you must bring a separate letter (not just a note in your planner) for your Form Tutor on the day you return to explain the reason for absence.
  • On returning to the Academy it is your responsibility to catch up on work missed
  • Holidays must not be taken during term time.  If there are exceptional circumstances a form available from reception needs to be obtained and completed requesting Academy permission.
  • No student in Years 7-11 is allowed to leave the Academy without permission and then only for a doctor’s or dentist’s appointment or an emergency.  An official slip, available from Reception must be completed.