Academy Rules


The Academy affirms success and achievements of all young people both in and out of the Academy.  Celebration of this is through assembly, the student planner, individual awards and letters home.

  • A variety of sanctions are used within the Academy, depending upon the nature of the incident.  These vary from lines, detentions, working under supervision in the Academy or at the Skills for Life Centre. As well as formal exclusions, when necessary. 
  • Detentions, with date, times and reason(s) will be entered in your planner so that your parents/guardians will be given 24 hours notice.
  • No student is allowed to smoke anywhere on the Academy campus.  Smoking materials must not be brought to the Academy. Garforth Academy is a Smoke Free School.
  • Chewing gum is banned and not allowed on the premises.
  • You  must not bring mobile phones, iPods or MP3 players to the Academy.