History Support

Please find below links to past paper questions and source pack questions for GCSE History students to use to support their revision.

Past Paper Questions : Both Medicine and Germany CLICK HERE

Medicine Through Time Source Questions CLICK HERE

Germany 1919 - 1945 Source Questions CLICK HERE

Please find below links to powerpoint presentations for GCSE History students to use to support their revision.

Medicine Through Time Revision Slideshows:-

1. Introduction to the History of Medicine CLICK HERE

2. Prehistoric Medicine CLICK HERE

3. Egyptian Medicine CLICK HERE

4. Greek Medicine CLICK HERE

5. Roman Medicine CLICK HERE

6. Medicine in the Middle Ages CLICK HERE

7. The Medical Renaissance CLICK HERE

8. Medicine and the Industrial Revolution CLICK HERE

9. Medicine in the 20th Century CLICK HERE

10. Medicine Review CLICK HERE

Germany Revision Slideshows:-

1. Germany and the end of WW1 CLICK HERE

2. The Weimar Republic CLICK HERE

3. Hitler's Role in the Nazi Party CLICK HERE

4. Hitler's Rise to Power CLICK HERE

5. How the Nazi's Consolidated Power CLICK HERE

6. The Economy Under the Nazis CLICK HERE

7. Nazi Treatment of Workers CLICK HERE

8. Nazi Women and Children CLICK HERE

9. Nazi Race and Religion CLICK HERE

10. Opposition to Nazism CLICK HERE