Extended Project Qualification

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Russell Group universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, are keen to see students carry out a research project on a topic that grips their imagination, and this is why the Academy offers the Extended Project to our high achieving students. The project is preparation for the kind of study that is carried out at university, giving students a great understanding of higher education. Preparation for this begins 3-4 weeks after your AS June exams, and most of the research is carried out during the summer holidays.

The project, worth an additional 70 UCAS points, takes the form of a series of lectures about research methods and skill, and students will be required to produce a 5000 word dissertation and presentation.

Examples of titles from our current Year 13 include:

‘How effective was Alcatraz as a penal institution?’

‘How has Dyson changed the world?’

‘What makes a song popular?’